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Learning about sports betting bonuses

Online sportsbooks offer a great advantage in the form of promotions worth hundreds of US dollars for real-money bettors, such as best bookmaker free bets , deposit bonuses, VIP programs, and more. Any player can receive these promotional funds if they fulfill the promotion's requirements.

To provide you with a better understanding, this article will give you the necessary information about common promotions in sports betting. Which options are advantageous, the accompanying terms and conditions, and other important details you should know before deciding to participate in a bonus event.

What are sports betting bonuses and their accompanying requirements?

Sports betting websites often offer various types of bonuses, such as welcome bonuses, free bets, deposit bonuses, etc. Additionally, each promotion usually comes with certain requirements and terms that players must fulfill.

Before you sign up to claim a bonus, you need to carefully consider the details of the promotion, including time limits, rollover requirements, and any other conditions. If you're unclear about anything, be sure to clarify with customer support to ensure you receive the bonus and can withdraw funds afterward.

Once the bonus is credited to your betting account, the countdown begins, and you must adhere to the bonus wagering requirements. Upon completion, you'll be able to withdraw the bonus funds.

Why do sportsbooks offer many promotional programs?

You might wonder why sportsbooks can provide so many promotions, bonuses, and freebies to players. You may feel they're too good to be true and might be a sign of scams. While you may enjoy them, you might not feel entirely comfortable when it involves real-money betting. Therefore, we've examined and summarized a few reasons that drive sportsbooks to offer promotional bonuses to players:

Attracting new players

They often provide deposit bonuses to target new players. It's a way to encourage you to transact because you know you can get something extra, meaning you're winning. Then, you become accustomed to spending on sports betting and are ready to deposit when you want to play.

Another psychological trick is to make you less hesitant in your first betting attempts. Would you place a bet knowing you'd receive a bonus even for losing bets?

Inviting old players back

Some deposit bonuses target old members of the sportsbook. They're experienced players who, for some reason, don't want to play anymore. So, some bonuses are given to members every time they deposit to attract former players back.

Maintaining the excitement of regular members

Many reputable sports betting sites have VIP programs, reload bonuses to dangle a carrot in front of members. Isn't it exciting when you receive increasingly valuable rewards over time, based on the frequency of deposits? You level up and get rare gifts that regular players don't have.

Common types of promotions at sports betting sites

There are many promotional programs you can find on all sports betting sites today. Here are the most popular events:

Welcome Bonus

This is the first bonus new sports bettors can receive. You'll receive it immediately after completing the account registration. At some sportsbooks, they may require you to make an initial deposit to receive the bonus, while others will give it to you without any transactions. However, the Welcome Bonus is only given once per account.

Loss Rebate Bonus

This is the amount they pay you when you lose a bet, you'll receive a portion up to the maximum bonus amount they offer. For example, a "Max $50 Loss Rebate" program will pay you a portion for each losing bet until the rebate reaches $50. After this limit, you won't receive anything for each losing bet.

VIP Program

This is a promotional program where you earn points when placing real-money bets. Depending on the sportsbook, they'll have specific rules about the amount of bet money equals 1 point. For example, you'll receive 1 point for every $1 bet, or 1 point for every $10 bet. By accumulating a certain total number of points, you can level up in the VIP program, unlocking equivalent-level rewards and exchanging points for gifts. The higher the level, the more valuable the rewards, such as cash rewards, products, and other privileges.

Deposit Bonus

You'll receive a certain amount every time you deposit money into your betting account on the sports betting website. Typically, they'll specify a specific percentage, such as a 20% deposit bonus, and a maximum bonus amount of 4,000,000 VND or a certain promotional period.

Free Bet Bonus

This offer allows you to place bets without deducting from your account. So, if you win, you'll receive the winnings, and if you lose, you won't lose anything. For example, if you deposit 500,000 VND, you place a 200,000 VND bet, but your betting account isn't deducted.

Referral Bonus

Simply put, when you refer a friend to a sports betting site, they'll give you a bonus as soon as your friend completes their first deposit.

Seasonal Promotions

Sportsbooks want to encourage betting during major events, so they offer special bonuses for these occasions. For example, they might propose a special World Cup betting offer, such as a 50% free World Cup bet.

Factors to consider when choosing the best bonus

As mentioned, sports betting sites offer many different types of bonuses and promotions to attract players. But which type of bonus is the best? Pay attention to the important factors of a bonus below:

Rollover requirements

Generally, all bonuses require the recipient to wager a certain amount. Larger bonuses usually require a higher rollover. For example, if you receive 500,000 VND and need to wager 3x, while a 2,000,000 VND bonus requires 10x. For new players, you should choose promotions with low rollover requirements, from 3x to 5x, even if the bonus amount may be smaller.

Minimum odds limits

Promotional programs set a certain odds limit for recipients. For example, you must choose a minimum odds of 1.50. Of course, you have the freedom to adjust the bet amount, but only suitable bets will be counted. If you fail to comply, the bonus cannot be withdrawn. It's best to choose offers without minimum odds limits unless you're an experienced player and want to challenge yourself.

Time limit

Some bonuses require you to use or withdraw the funds within a certain period. For example, you can only withdraw after 30 or 60 days; otherwise, the bonus cannot be withdrawn. Choose offers with no time limit or the longest time possible.

Receiving sports betting bonuses via mobile, why not?

Receiving sports betting bonuses can be done via any mobile device like a phone or tablet. If you haven't tried it yet, do it on all your devices. Most websites australian bookmaker ​have a mobile version, and they offer an additional 10% to 20% discount when done through your phone.

Mobile sports betting bonuses include all types of bonuses you can find in a casino browser, such as Cashback, Reload Bonus, Loyalty Bonus, VIP Bonus, Free Bets, Bet Promotions, etc.

Promotions through betting apps

If you already have an account created from the betting site's browser, you can use it to log into their mobile app. Access it to receive special bonuses for mobile app users. You can often get an additional free bet worth $5 or $10.

Move Bonus

This is a special bonus for players on the mobile app. You may receive a free bet on your mobile device. Other sportsbooks may give you a small bonus instead. If you create a new account and play regularly on mobile, you may receive a free mobile bet instead of a deposit bonus.

Receiving bonuses on tablets

Any mobile device that can access a sports betting app can receive mobile bonuses, and tablets are, of course, eligible for this condition. Some sportsbooks bookmaker ratings top ​also reserve bonuses specifically for players on tablets, requiring players to contact support when using this device. Take advantage of all the privileges to increase your chances of winning when playing sports betting.

Can mobile bonuses be withdrawn?

You can withdraw mobile bonuses just like when done on web browsers via PC. However, there are also wagering terms you need to fulfill to withdraw the bonus. You can check in the promotional news or the bonus's specific terms. Typically, the condition will be to wager the bonus at least 1.5 times, make at least 5 wagers on a mobile device to withdraw the bonus.


Bonuses and promotional gifts are an advantage for you to have more winning opportunities. Almost every online sports betting site offers some kind of bonus to players. Check regularly to avoid missing out on valuable gifts. However, nothing is 100% free, so you must consider the bonus terms before claiming them.


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