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Deciphering Penalty Shootout Over/Under Betting: A Comprehensive Guide for Football Wagering Enthusiasts 

Penalty shootout over/under betting operates similarly to other over/under football wagers, but due to the unique nature of penalty goals, there are specific conditions to consider.

To make accurate predictions, it's crucial to familiarize yourself with the rules set by bookmakers and football tips high odds  platforms. Additionally, gaining insights from experienced individuals can help you decide whether to bet on over or under.

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Explaining Penalty Shootout Over/Under Betting Rules:

Firstly, it's essential to understand that this form of betting applies to both penalty shootouts during a match and after the regular playing time:

  • During the Match: Penalties awarded due to fouls committed by opposing players.

  • Post-Match: Penalty shootout to determine the winner in playoff, quarterfinal, semifinal, and final matches.

However, currently, the most common form of prediction at online betting platforms is related to penalty shootouts deciding the final outcome. Since penalties are relatively rare in regular matches, odds for this type of bet are infrequently offered.

Players predict the number of successful penalty kicks. Bookmakers provide a set figure for reference, allowing players to decide whether to bet over or under.

There's no specific limit on the number of penalties, providing reassurance for bettors. Depending on the game's circumstances, corresponding betting odds are provided by the bookmakers.

Calculating Penalty Shootout Over/Under:

Penalty shootouts have no defined limit.

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Characteristics of Penalty Shootout Over/Under Betting:

When engaging in over/under betting on penalty shootouts, players must consider the conditions for recognizing goals:

  • Penalties must be taken from the 11-meter spot.

  • Penalty kicks determine victory or defeat.

  • Shootouts occur after the end of regular playing time, following two extra halves, with no conclusive result.

This type of betting adds excitement and anticipation for players. The thrill is akin to witnessing match outcomes decided by players from both sides.

Each betting platform may have slightly different rules, but the essence of this type of bet remains consistent, enabling players to make informed decisions.

Rewards for winning bets vary across different betting platforms, but players can expect high payouts due to the difficulty of accurately predicting penalty outcomes.

Standard Calculation of Penalty Shootout Over/Under at Online Betting Platforms:

In this type of bet, participants predict the number of successful penalty kicks. Bookmakers provide specific odds, such as 3, for players to consider before placing their bets.

Calculating penalty shootout over/under bets relies on predetermined rules set by bookmakers, including detailed payout ratios for simplicity.

Referee decisions determine outcomes without dispute.

Based on the referee's decision, players know whether they've won or lost. If successful, players receive winnings based on the stake multiplied by the payout ratio.

In the event of an incorrect prediction, players lose their entire stake to the online betting platform.

The Latest Updates on Penalty Shootout Over/Under:

As mentioned earlier, there's no limit to penalty shootout over/under betting. Participants can make predictions freely, as long as they meet the shootout conditions.

Typically, each team takes five penalty kicks to determine the outcome. Most matches conclude within these five kicks, leading players to mistakenly assume that the limit is fixed.

However, you may have heard of penalty shootouts with 7.5 goals. This ratio exists due to the unlimited number of kicks, as previously explained.

Understanding the Diversity of Penalty Shootout Over/Under Betting Odds:

Penalty shootout over/under betting offers a wide range of odds.

In reality, the number of kicks can reach up to 10, as seen in the FA Cup final between Liverpool and Chelsea. Goalkeepers may also take the tenth kick if necessary, without time constraints.

Both sides continue to shoot until a winner is determined, regardless of duration.

Therefore, calculating penalty shootout over/under bets depends on the game's nature. Players should carefully consider the teams' abilities and penalty shootout history to predict accurately.

Should You Bet Over or Under on Penalty Shootouts? Insights from Seasoned Gamblers:

Predicting the number of successful penalty kicks is challenging, as it depends on various factors, including player experience, age, and team history.

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To make accurate predictions, consider the following tips from seasoned gamblers:

  • Assess penalty-taking abilities: Some teams, like Croatia and Morocco, excel at penalty shootouts, while others, like France, Spain, and England, struggle.

  • Team strength doesn't always correlate with shootout success. Teams with fewer superstar players but strong resilience and mental fortitude may perform well.

  • Consider player age: Young players may struggle with nerves during major tournaments, potentially affecting their penalty-taking abilities.

  • Assess goalkeeper experience: Some goalkeepers are exceptional at saving penalties, such as Bounou and Emiliano Martinez.

  • Understand the bet type: Before placing bets, ensure a clear understanding of the bet type, such as penalty shootout over/under 7 goals or over/under 3 goals.


While calculating penalty shootout over/under bets may seem straightforward, winning can be challenging. To increase your chances of success, dedicate time to refine your prediction skills and learn from experienced gamblers.


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